Sandy Beaches in Malta: Armier Bay

Though not as popular as Mellieha Bay which is the top favourite from all sandy beaches in Malta, Armier Bay is still a nice beach to go to, which is suitable for all the family.

beaches in malta armier bay

Desolate Armier Bay in winter ... As you might guess, things change drastically during the summer months!

Armier bay is an open bay in the northern part of the island of Malta, limits of Mellieha. The beach faces Gozo island and the tiny island of Comino and is mostly popular with local families.

The sea can get quite rough at times since the beach is exposed to north winds.

armier bay

If you're not into swimming or sunbathing, Armier Bay offers plenty of nice short walks too!

The area surrounding Armier bay is rural and there are no hotels nearby. The nearest hotels to Armier are found at Marfa and at Mellieha Bay.

However, the beach does have some facilities which include bars and small restaurants as well as your usual water sports operators. The area is also popular for barbecues.

If you like peace and quiet, avoid going on a Monday.

Armier bay is very popular on Mondays since it’s a favoured spot to go to for post village feast celebrations, which is locally referred to as the xalata.

The tradition of the xalata is said to have been started by some residents of Floriana (furjanizi in Maltese) and seeing that the Maltese people love a celebration, this tradition was quickly embraced across many locations on the island.

The xalata usually consists of lots of people from that particular village just celebrating and having clean fun, but it does get quite noisy!

In summer weekends, the bay can get quite hectic as well.

Armier Bay is actually two beaches. The biggest one is called Armier and the smaller one is called Little Armier.

little armier bay malta

little armier bay malta

Although tiny, Little Armier Bay is incredibly charming!

The bays are located in the green part of Mellieha and the area makes for a pleasant walk as well.

If you’re visiting in summer and would like to do a fair bit of walking, it’s best to go either early in the morning or late afternoons/early evenings to avoid the heat!

How to get to Armier Bay

Armier Bay and Little Armier are located in the outskirts of Mellieha. 

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