Secluded Beaches in Malta: Charming Selmun Bay

secluded beaches in malta

Selmun Bay is one of the most secluded beaches in Malta!

Popularly known as Selmun Bay, the proper name for this small “hidden” beach is Imgiebah Bay.

There’s no public transport to this beach and perhaps this is one of the main reasons why it’s often deserted during the week.

If you’re going by car, it’s still not that easy to reach.

It’s often said that getting to this beach is an “adventure” in itself and some people (even Maltese) get lost trying to remember which road leads to this bay.

If you’re hiring a car, Imgiebah Bay near Selmun, Mellieha is the perfect remote beach for those who wish to escape the crowds.

This beach is a bit difficult to find. From Mellieha, you have to follow the signs to Selmun.

It’s best if you ask for directions once you’re in Selmun since no proper signage to the bay is available. You can leave your car at the top of the cliff and make your way down to the bay on foot.

You can also walk it from Mellieha. It will take you some two hours to get to Imgiebah Bay (that’s if you don’t get lost).

Selmun Bay is located deep in the countryside. It’s a bit of a rough walk to actually get to the beach but it’s well worth it.

The beach is surrounded by awesome natural surroundings and offers some excellent snorkeling opportunities.

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Imgiebah Bay: Beach Facilities

No facilities or kiosks are available at Imgiebah Bay so remember to take anything you’ll need with you.

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