Secluded Beaches in Malta: Fomm ir-Rih Bay

The last remaining untouched bay in Malta!

beaches in malta fomm ir-rih

Fomm ir-Rih Bay is located near the village of Bahrija.

It’s one of the most isolated beaches in Malta and also the last remaining “untouched” bay in Malta.

In Maltese, fomm ir-rih means “mouth of the wind”.

A favourite among both snorkelers and divers, Fomm ir-Rih Bay is not easy to reach and there’s no public transport to this bay.

If you decide to visit this remote bay, you will be greatly rewarded with awesome views of cliffs and valleys, deep blue sea and peace and tranquility which only Fomm ir-Rih Bay can offer.

If you’re going there by boat, things are of course much easier.

Other than that, the only way to get there is via a tricky and rough footpath cut into the rockface. So if you’re going to this bay on foot, make sure that you’re wearing good walking boots!

Swimming in Fomm ir-Rih bay is really something else because the water is extremely clear. Most beaches in Malta have crystal clear blue waters, but some are even more beautiful then others.

beaches in malta diving

A spectacular diving experience awaits you at Fomm ir-Rih

That’s if the sea is calm. When the wind is blowing from the north or northwest, don’t even think of swimming here because it gets very dangerous with the crashing waves.

Of course, the peace and quiet is a huge plus too! Even if you decide not to hike the path to the actual bay, the views from its cliffs are definitely worth it!

This is really one of the wildest and most beautiful spots on the Maltese islands!

In the area, there are also some lovely walking opportunities.

For example, you can hike north to Ras il-Pellegrin and to Gnejna Bay or head west to Ras ir-Raheb. You can also head to the south and visit the tiny village of Mtahleb.

The actual beach is pebbly and is excellent for snorkeling if the sea is not rough. Be careful not to twist your ankle due to the many small rocks in shallow waters.

Fomm ir-Rih is also one of the most favourite beaches in Malta for diving.

Fomm ir-Rih Bay: Getting there

Follow the signs to Bahrija from Rabat or Il-Kuncizzjoni. Drive through Bahrija’s main road and take the first right. About 2 kilometres further, when the road starts going downhill, take another right. You will eventually find yourself in a small car park.

Here you will see a footpath. The footpath to the bay runs along a ledge at the start, so be very careful. The walk to the bay takes about 15 minutes.

If you’d like to walk it from the bus terminus in Rabat, it’s an 8 kilometres hike and will take you about 2 hours.

If you’re keen on hiking, there’s a nice long walk which you can do which starts at Bahrija.

Visit our Walking in Malta & Gozo page for more info on this Bahrija walk and many other hikes which you can take while on your Malta holidays.

From this page, you will also be able to download free detailed e-brochures about the walks.

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