The Azure Window: Natural beauty at its best!

*** UPDATE: 8 March 2017, 10.00am ***

The Azure Window is no more. This iconic window collapsed during a horrible storm. The people of Gozo and Malta are in total shock. Geologists had been saying that the window was about to collapse for years but this is perhaps one of those things that one doesn't believe until it happens.

Below are a set of photos and info on how the Azure Window was in its hey day.


The Azure Window is perhaps one of the most photographed areas on Gozo island. And can you blame people? It’s only natural that when you encounter such natural beauty you’d want to capture every minute of it on camera!

azure window gozo island

The Azure Window ... Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

Located in Dwejra (on the eastern coast of Gozo), the area is a very popular spot for scuba divers. But even if you’re not into diving, Dwejra makes for a breathtakingly beautiful stop during your trip to Gozo. The Azure Window is a natural window in the cliffs. The window was created naturally by wave erosion.

dwejra blue hole

In the rocks in front of the window, another spectacular scene awaits you ... the Blue Hole.

This is a natural vertical “chimney” in the limestone.

The hole is some 10 metres in diameter and 25 metres deep and connects to the open sea via an underwater arch some 8 metres down.

As you might expect, this spot is very popular with scuba divers and snorkelers alike, and is especially "busy" during the summer months.

Dwejra Bay and Tower

A couple of minutes away is the Inland Sea (Dwejra Bay). This is a landlocked body of seawater connected via a narrow tunnel in the cliffs.

In the opposite direction, you can see Dwejra Tower. Like the many towers found on the Maltese Islands, this tower was used as a coastal defense tower and was built by the Knights of Malta. As can be expected in an area of such beauty, the view from the roof of the tower is simply spectacular!

Dwejra Tower is open Monday to Friday, from 8.00am till 3.00pm and entrance is free.

Fungus Rock and its powers!

Another photogenic spot in Dwejra is Fungus Rock or Il-Gebla tal-General as its known in Maltese.

fungus rock dwejra

In the eighteenth century, Fungus Rock suddenly became famous when a plant growing on the rock was thought to have medicinal and mythological powers!

Want to hear an interesting titbit on this rock?

The rock became so famous across the islands and neighboring countries, that the Knights of Malta decided to put the rock under 24-hour guard to protect the plant!

The plant was preserved for the use of European royals and rulers only and was sold at a very high price by the Knights to many other European countries.

Today, Fungus Rock is still out of bounds to protect the Malta Fungus plant. This plant is one of the rarest species in the world. The plant is covered in brownish-red flowers and grows abundantly on the rock. However, it is extremely rare to find it anywhere else in the Mediterranean.

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