Argotti Botanical Gardens in Floriana Malta

Argotti Botanical Gardens are located in Floriana Malta. They date back to 1774.

These gardens used to be the private property of a knight, up until the year 1805, when the gardens were transformed into a lovely botanical garden.

argotti gardens malta

During the Knights of Malta period, Argotti Gardens were used for medical and surgical purposes and medicinal herbs were grown here.

A specialized botanical section is still used to this day by the University of Malta for educational purposes.

What will you see at the Argotti Botanical Gardens?

Mostly oaks, oleanders, potted plants and many cacti. The gardens also have a variety of fountains and ponds. A small horticultural museum exhibits local and foreign seeds and plants.

There’s also an old summerhouse which was built in 1741. This gazebo is open during office hours only.

Perhaps, what draws most visitors to these gardens are the fantastic views that one can get of Floriana’s fortifications.

You can get an even better view of the fortifications from St Philip Garden which lies next to Argotti. This garden is set on a ravelin, which is a triangular fortification.

The main attraction of these gardens is the Wignacourt Fountain.

The fountain was built by the Knights of Malta to celebrate the completion of their aqueduet project which channeled water by gravity from Rabat to Valletta!

The fountain was originally inaugurated in Palace Square in 1615. Later on, it was moved in front of the Law Courts. During the British Rule in Malta, it was moved to St. Philip Garden.

St. Philip Garden is open daily from 7.30 am till 1.00 pm and entrance is free.

Getting there

Argotti Gardens are located in Floriana and are only a short walk from Valletta’s City Gate. So if you’re exploring Valletta and feel like a calm and refreshing break, pay a visit to Argotti Gardens.

Argotti Gardens are open daily from 7.30 am till dusk and entrance is free.

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