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Our All Inclusive Holiday Malta page is targeted at those who are thinking of booking an all inclusive vacation to the Maltese Islands.

In this section, we give a brief overview of what “all inclusive” really means and what to watch out for when booking your trip.

All inclusive holidays are not for everyone. For some, an all inclusive package restricts the visitor.

all inclusive holiday malta

If all your meals are all pre-paid, then you won’t be trying out many different eating places and restaurants that’s for sure. You’re kind of “stuck” with whatever your hotel offers.

So in general, if you love to go out and discover “secret” off-the-beaten-track restaurants that the locals love to hang out at, an all inclusive holiday in Malta is not for you.

all inclusive holiday malta

On the other hand, if you love to plan your holiday in advance and you prefer to know exactly how much your holiday is going to cost you, then an all inclusive holiday may very well be your choice.

You just need to remember that there will inevitably be some "extras".

For example, you need to be careful not to overdo it with shopping, excursions, etc since it’s very easy to “forget” that you’ve already spent an X amount of money to book your all inclusive hotel package!

All Inclusive Holiday Malta: What’s usually included?

This varies with every package and company so be very careful with this and ask exactly what you are getting. Things that you should consider and be very clear about include:

- Are taxes/VAT included in the price that the hotel/agent gave you?

- What type of meals will you be getting?

- Are soft drinks included in the package?

- What about alcoholic drinks?

- Will there be any time limits/restrictions on when meals and drinks are served?

- What about “hidden” extras? Before you book your all inclusive package, it is best to familiarize yourself thoroughly with all that the hotel has to offer.

For example, does the hotel has a pool, sauna, etc? Will usage of these facilities be included in the package or will you have to pay extra? What about excursions … are these included too? What about safety deposit boxes?

- What about pool towels and lounge chairs? Are these included in the price or do you have to pay extra? (Tip: The Maltese Islands have a fantastic climate and it’s common to get glorious sunny days even in winter. However, if you’re thinking of taking a dip in the swimming pool, make sure to check whether it is heated, because if it’s not, it can be extremely cold in winter ... brrrr!)

- What about flight times? Will these be convenient for you?

all inclusive holiday malta boats

So in summary, what you need to do is to first make a list of the things that you’ll be needing//using during your vacation.

Then, you need to check whether the hotel you’re booking provides these services and facilities.

And lastly, be very clear whether they are included in the package!

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