AirMalta: Malta’s National Airline

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AirMalta was established in 1973. Starting its operations with just two Boeing 720Bs, the airline initially served only Rome, Tripoli, London, Manchester, Paris and Frankfurt.

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Malta’s national airline has gone through a period of immense growth over the past two decades. Nowadays it flies to some 36 destinations and currently its fleet is made up of 12 aircraft.

Its safety track record is excellent and in 2006, a study concluded that Air Malta loses the least amount of passenger baggage (4.1 baggage missing per 1000 passengers).

The Maltese government owns 98% of Air Malta plc while the remaining 2% is owned by private investors. Today, the airline employs over 1,500 staff. Currently, Air Malta is going through a massive restructuring and consolidation programme. It is hoped that following this intensive restructuring exercise, in 2012 Malta's national airline will come out even stronger and more competitive than it was before.

Although there are various airlines that you can choose to get to the Maltese Islands, Air Malta is the main airline that offers the largest choice of services to get to the islands.

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