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About us


Hi there

Thank you for reading our page here. We are located in Malta and we are the biggest tourist agency in the country. If you come here you become our guests.

This is a good thing. As our guests you will have access to all parts of the country, you will be able to enjoy all the offers we have prepared and so much more.

There are no limits of any kind. Together we can go sailing, diving, swimming, or we can just help you find the best beach there and enjoy the hot sun. There are so many things you can do in Malta and there are even more you will want to do.

The offers we have prepared or you are even better in person. You definitely need to come here and see all we have to offer. Enjoy, swim, or simply have the ultimate fun, period.

Our history

We started small back in 2010 and we grew extremely fast. The first year we became available we had 1000 guests.

In the second year of our life, we had over 50000 tourists from all over the globe. The trend of increasing the demand and supply has been present until today and we believe to have it even better soon.

The tourist destinations we have been offering are in our offer list since the beginning. But, Malta is advancing as we speak, so we add new destinations and new possibilities every single day.

Come and visit the true spirit of Malta today. We will make sure you have the best time in your life and you understand Malta.