A part of me will always belong in Malta

by Christianne B.
(Toronto, Canada)

Cannons situated at the Barracks in Valletta

Cannons situated at the Barracks in Valletta

Cannons situated at the Barracks in Valletta Fish farms found on our way to St. Paul's Islands Prosession with the statue of the 'Redentur' in Isla My sister and her husband took me to their favourite spot in Xlendi - Gozo. Was so scared to climb this hill but the view was so worth it.

I am a proud Maltese who had to leave my beloved family and country to pursuit another love in my life.

My husband and I met on the Internet 10 years ago when I was 17. He was brave enough to come and visit me in Malta and it is there where our love truly began.

He is Canadian so we stayed in a long distance relationship for more than 5 years. As soon as we had some money saved he would either visit me or I would go to Canada to see him.

I can say that Malta worked its magic on him too because he is in love with it as much as I am.

We knew that one of us had to take the step to move in order to be together.

Therefore 6 years ago, I had to make the most difficult decision of my life to leave all my family behind to come and live in Toronto.

The transition from Malta to Canada was intimidating at first, because even though they are both beautiful countries, they are also very different from one another.

Now I am in my 3rd year of University in Toronto trying to build a good future for me and my new family. As soon as I settle in my profession, I will be visiting Malta at least once a year!

Back in Malta I have my parents, seven siblings, and eighteen nephews and nieces who I love dearly.

So last May, after four years not visiting them, I decided to do a surprise visit.

The surprise went really well with a lot of screams and tears of joy.

The first thing I did when I stepped out of the plane was take a deep breath.

I miss the smell that there is in the Maltese air! Not to mention the smell of the sea and the beautiful scenery that this island has.

Mostly I miss the language and the warmth of the Maltese people.

My family and friends treated me like a princess and they took me to visit places that I have never seen in my years living in Malta.

I could experience my country as a tourist for the first time instead of a local and this gave me the opportunity to view Malta from a different angle.

I always loved Malta but since I left I came to appreciate it even more. It is the simple life that Maltese people live that makes it so special.

Having the vegetable vendor come with fresh produce outside your doorstep or the fish lady with her cart screaming “Hajjin, Hajjin”, this means “Alive” to show how fresh her product is.

If you need bread you can go to the bakery around the corner and get freshly baked bread that doesn’t need to be packed with an expiry date on it because it is still hot from the oven.

I spent the most amazing two months of my life there, and now that one year has passed since my visit, I feel homesick.

Looking at the pictures, reminds me of the great memories I have there and gives me strength to go on with my life here in Canada.

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Jun 03, 2011
Hello fellow Qormian
by: Doris

I now know what you mean about missing Malta.

Your story so reminded me of all my aunts, uncles and cousins that I miss so much.

This contest means more than that because we can see how much everyone loves the warmth of the people.

You are lucky to be so much closer. It takes me what seems forever to get there. But my plan is to make it next year. Take care and good luck!

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