Make your Malta holidays truly unforgettable!

Planning your Malta holidays can make you feel overwhelmed. With so many places to see and things to do, how do you choose which attractions to visit and those to leave out? This independent online travel guide will help you catch a glimpse of the real Malta, from a local perspective. Genuine travel advice, no hype!

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Mesmerizing Azure Window on the island of Gozo

Discover with us why thousands of visitors each year, find this tiny island in the heart of the Mediterranean so fascinating! Let us take you to a journey back in time where you will explore the world’s oldest free standing structures. No, they’re not the pyramids in Egypt. They are in fact the island’s megalithic temples. Told you our little island was fascinating didn’t we?

malta holidays

Discover mysterious temples that are sure to amaze you

Start with the basics

If you haven’t yet booked your hotel or accommodation, we help you choose just the right type of lodging for your needs. How? By providing a list of all hotels in Malta, together with travelers’ reviews for each hotel. That way you’ll know exactly what to expect. More interested in a self catering holiday in Malta or Gozo? No worries. The Maltese islands cater for all types of budgets.

Get all essential info for your Malta holidays, such as where is Malta located, most popular museums, top attractions in Malta, best beaches and other interesting facts about Malta. But don’t stop there!

Peel the onion

Many visitors to the Maltese Islands often make the “mistake” of only visiting the top attractions and beaches. True most of the time, your itinerary may not allow you to see all that you’d like to see. And vacations are all about personal preference anyway, some like to take it easy (it’s a vacation after all) while others like to explore everything in sight!

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Heavenly Blue Lagoon on Comino island

However, just like an onion, the Maltese Islands have lots of “layers”. Layers of interesting areas, anecdotes, historical legacies, curious cultural traditions and much more … so by doing some simple research before you actually visit, you’d be in a much better position to plan your time wisely and perhaps include a couple of off-the-beaten-track attractions too!

Plus you’ll also get to know all about the interesting little titbits that will make your Malta holidays truly memorable! All the information that you’ll find here is FREE, so make good use of it.

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Desolate castles and towers adorn the islands

Browse through the many sections that you'll find on this website, to learn where these wonderful “hidden” locations are, when to go and what to explore! Bookmark us so that you’ll find us easily when you want to come back and explore our online travel guide some more.

Explore to your heart’s content 

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It’s no secret. The Maltese Islands are small but trust us, you’d be amazed at the countless attractions and sites that our islands offer! This all works to your advantage, because wherever you stay you can rest assured that you will be within easy reach of any other place that you may want to explore and savor.

Speaking of savoring, how about getting insider tips on where to find the best restaurants with spectacular views or scenery to accompany the yummy food? Mmmmm heaven!

See Malta by bus, by car … perhaps do a bit of sailing while on your Malta holidays too! In fact, sailing in Malta is one of the best ways to explore the islands, because the Maltese islands are blessed with a stunning coastline and many beautiful “hidden” coves that are guaranteed to take your breath away.

It’s about the little things too!

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Sometimes, small “discoveries” will truly delight you! We tell you what to look for while exploring our wonderful islands so as not to miss out on any of the hidden gems and curiosities that the Maltese Islands offer.

As frequent visitors to the islands will tell you, very often all it takes is a leisurely walk around one of the many evocative Maltese streets to “discover” some really interesting stuff! These discoveries often make the best picture perfect moments. And you'll treasure these fond memories from your Malta holidays forever, guaranteed!

Throughout this website, we offer tons of advice on where to go to see these local treasures. Think of as your local friend who you can rely on for solid, insider advice and tips on the best attractions to visit, things to watch out for, popular sites with locals and much more.

Let's make your Malta holidays memorable shall we?