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A tranquil village home to San Anton Palace and Gardens ...

The quiet village of Attard in Malta is the epitome of calm and luxury. Attard is a small charming town which forms part of the Three Villages.

The other two villages in this trio are Lija and Balzan.

Lying halfway between Mdina and Valletta, the village of Attard is considered to be the poshest from all the three villages.

Luxurious villas and gardens adorn most of Attard’s streets and property in the area is much more expensive than in other parts of the island, namely in the southern region.

The village has that peaceful charm which makes it very attractive to home buyers. In most parts of the village, you get the feeling that you can really lay back and relax in total tranquility here.

The Knights of Malta built many country retreats here, many of which have huge lovely gardens.

Although not your typical tourist town, it still has some interesting sights which you can explore if your itinerary allows it.

And if you’re not too keen to stay in a busy seaside resort, then basing yourself in Attard can prove to be a much more pleasant experience.

Attractions in Attard Malta

Perhaps one of the main attractions in Attard are the many Baroque architectural features that you can see here as well as its many stunning villas.

If you’re visiting Attard, make sure to pay a visit to St. Mary’s Church.

The church is located at Pjazza Tommaso Dingli, a quiet and small pedestrianized square. The church was designed in 1613 by Maltese architect Tumas Dingli in the form of a Latin cross. It is believed to be the most impressive pre-Baroque church in Malta.

The church is open daily from 7.00 am till 10.00 am, and from 5.00 pm till 7.00 pm and entrance is free.

A few minutes away from the church, you’ll find the village's most famous landmark, San Anton Palace and Gardens.

attard malta

The Presidential Palace at San Anton Gardens in Attard

Built in 1636 by the Knights of Malta, the gardens are open daily and entrance is free. For more information on these stunning gardens, visit our San Anton Palace and Gardens page.

Another popular attraction not too far away from Attard, is Ta Qali. Ta Qali is Malta’s national park and is a much frequented area, especially on Sundays.

At Ta Qali, you will also find a Crafts Village and an impressive Aviation Museum. Both are definitely worth a visit if you’ve got time.

Attard Accommodation: Hotels in Attard

Due to its tranquility and charm, staying in Attard is the perfect choice if you want to stay away from hectic touristy areas while still being in a central position. Attard is just 6 kms away from Valletta, the capital of Malta.

Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa

attard hotels

Located just opposite San Anton Palace and Gardens, the Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa is the only hotel in Attard Malta.

And what a hotel!

The stunning Corinthia is all about personal attention.

Equipped with a fantastic spa, this hotel is a haven for relaxation. Click here for more info and to see photos of this hotel.

Attard Malta: Getting there

If you're thinking of going to this charming town by bus, visit and check out their journey planner, bus routes & timetable sections.

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