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Explore Malta
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Explore Malta
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Why us?

We have been offering Malta holiday tours since 2000, since the time when this tourist destination started to grow. Today, we have over 1 million tourists per year and we cover entire Malta. We cover all the areas, all cities, tourist locations, and even more. There are no limits with us and you can get the ultimate holiday, starting today.

We will take care of you, we will show you the true spirit of Malta and also the rich history the country has. The mission for today is to have fun, to learn a few useful things and so much more. There are no limits with us and each tourist can tailor his holiday precisely as he likes. We will make sure you get the holiday you have been dreaming of.

The beach

Of course, the biggest and the main attraction is sea. You will enjoy the beautiful beaches, warm water and so much more.

Stay on the beach

The best part here is the accommodation that is located within 100 feet of a sea line. You can always pick accommodation that matches your criteria and that has been adored by millions. All accommodations are professional, loaded with all needed gadgets and elements, and all of them share the ultimate tradition. The tradition has been with the country for centuries or even millenniums and today it is one of a kind in the world, one of a kind on the planet and stunning.

Malta has a rich tradition and even richer history. The accommodations we have prepared for you give you an insight into that. But, on the other side they also offer modern and luxury elements tourists need these days. As you can see in the images below, the accommodations are different and they are not something you can find anywhere else in the world.

$250 / per night

Beach 1

The cottage is located 100 meters from a beach and loaded with all the luxury you need.

$150 / per night

Sealine 1

The cottage is a more affordable option but it still comes with all you will ever need while spending time here.

$100 / per night

Unique I

These cottages are truly special, one of a kind and something you should check out soon.


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Swim and sail

We have prepared a few great spots where you can swim and also a few even better locations where you can sail.

Enjoy the meals

Malta has some of the most appealing and interesting foods you can find in the world. Try a few of them and you will know why.